Reservation Terms and Conditions

Right of Refusal and Restrictions

Bookings or reservations of ten (10) rooms or more is considered a group booking within Valencia Hotel Group properties, regardless of the booking channel. This number may vary at each Valencia Hotel Group property based on the total number of guest rooms at each location. If an individual, or group of individuals, reserve rooms; separately or together, or under alias names; totaling 10 or more rooms at the same location, for the same or similar stays  e.g. weddings, social events, meetings, conferences, etc.; Valencia Hotel Group reserves the right to enforce Group terms and conditions for these reservations and/or refuse the bookings made in this manner, making them null and void.

If you have questions about booking group accommodations at a Valencia Hotel Group property, please call our reservations center at 866.842.0100 or e-mail

Reservations for rooms are non-transferable and may not, under any circumstances, be sold or otherwise transferred to a third party or individual. You may not advertise, market or otherwise offer Valencia Hotel Group property rooms, packages or promotional offers for sale in combined offers, or on blogs or third party websites, without the consent of Valencia Hotel Group. Valencia Hotel Group reserves the right to refuse any and all bookings made in this manner, making them null and void. 

The minimum required age to check in is 21. Valid identification will be required at check in.