Guest Travel Advisories

The well being of our guests and associates is of paramount importance. As travel resumes, travel advisories may be issued by federal, state and local agencies. Prior to traveling or making a reservation, we encourage our guests to review the travel guidelines as they are being updated frequently and may impact your travel. 

A. Valencia Hotel Collection Responsibilities

Temperature Checks. Team members and vendors will be required to undergo a health screening each day, including temperature checks, before entering the property.

Hotel Amenities. Restaurants, room service, bars, pools, fitness center, spa and valet parking may not be available or somewhat limited and follow all state recommended capacity and social distancing guidelines.

Physical Distancing. Guests will be reminded to stand at least six feet away from others not traveling with them, while waiting in line, using elevators and throughout the property. The properties restaurant, bar, pool area, and meeting and event space have been configured to ensure appropriate distancing. Signage has been placed throughout the hotel to remind guests to practice physical distancing guidelines.

Hand Sanitizer Stations. Dispensers have been placed at key guest and associate entrances and contact areas throughout the property.

Masks. Per Valencia Hotel Collection policies, all employees are required to wear face coverings whenever six-foot distancing cannot be maintained. Per California local government executive orders, all guests and employees are required to wear face covering whenever six-foot distancing cannot be maintained. Masks are available to our guests upon request at the Front Desk.

Elevators. No more than four (4) guests will be permitted in an elevator at once (groups or families larger than 4 are permitted). An associate will be present to sanitize the button panels at regular intervals at least once an hour. Sanitizer present on the interior of elevators or on the landings.

Signage. Health, hygiene, and social distancing guidelines are located throughout the public areas of the property to include the proper way to dispose of masks.

Housekeeping Services. Guestrooms will not be automatically serviced during the duration of the guest's stay. Should the guest require housekeeping services, they may arrange a time for our housekeepers to enter the room while the guest is away. For additional amenity requests such as towels, soap, and shampoo, we are pleased to deliver to the guestroom. For extended lengths of stay, we will provide the guest with procedures for service including linen and trash handling.

Electrostatic Sprayer. Guestrooms will be sanitized and sprayed with an electrostatic sprayer. The bathroom will be fully disinfected. Touchpoints such as remote controls, telephone, doorknobs, in-room safes, minibars, and glassware will be sanitized.

Letter. Each guest will receive a letter informing them of the recommended COVID-19 guidelines for staying safe while traveling. The letter will highlight proper social distancing, sanitation procedures, and remind guests that sanitizer stations and masks are available.

B. Team Member (Associate’s) Responsibilities

Guidelines for an effective sanitation and health program

Hand Washing. Correct hygiene and frequent handwashing with soap is vital to help combat the spread of COVD-19. All Valencia Hotel Collection associates are mandated to wash their hands or use sanitizer when a sink is not available, every 60 minutes (for 20-seconds) and after any of the following activities: using the restroom, sneezing, touching the face, blowing the nose, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, going on break and before and after a shift start or end.

COVID-19 Training. All associates have received training in COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols with comprehensive training for our associates with frequent guest contact, including Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Public Area Hotel Operations and Security.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Appropriate PPE is to be worn by all associates based on their role and responsibilities and in adherence to state and local regulations and guidance. Training on how to safely use and dispose of all PPE is mandatory. Gloves are provided to associates whose responsibilities require them as determined by medical experts including housekeeping and public area attendants.

Daily Pre-Shift & Timekeeping. Associate pre-shift meetings are conducted virtually or in areas that allow for appropriate physical distancing between associates. Hand sanitizer is available at each time clock location and associates are mandated to sanitize their hands after clocking in. The Management Team will ensure constant communication and proper PPE and sanitation procedures are followed and updated per the latest expert guidance.

Physical Contact. Valencia Hotel Collection will dis-allow handshake initiation with the guest and that of their co-workers. If guest extends a hand, it is up to the associate on their interaction. If they do have physical touch, they will be mandated to practice good hygiene as well as offer to the guest hand sanitizer option.

C. Guest Experience/Arrival

Valet parking, taxi arrival or rideshare procedures (once approved) are for the protection of both the guest and the associate.

  • Masks to be worn by all valet attendant’s supervisors and management
  • Suspension of hotel shuttle until further notice

Luggage Assistance

  • Masks to be worn by all luggage attendant’s, supervisors and management
  • Luggage Attendant must ask the guest permission to assist with luggage
  • Luggage Attendant is to respect the 6-foot social distancing guidelines
  • Luggage Attendant will allow the guest to go ahead of them on the elevator and meet at guest’s room
  • Current standards on permissions to enter the room will be continued

Front-of-House Signage

  • Arrival. Welcome poster/signs are in view of the guests noting the Stay safe; stay well protocol to protect both the guest and associate. Social distancing, masks, and gloves are mandatory for our associates and we encourage the guest to wear masks in public areas.
  • Hotel Guest Elevators. Stay safe; stay well signage is present at the property’s elevator landing. No more than four (4) guests will be permitted per elevator (family of more than four is permitted) that is traveling together.
  • Check-in. Stay safe; stay well signage is present at the properties Front Desk area directing the guest to please wait here for next available agent and maintain social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be provided 6 feet away from the Front Desk.

Guestroom Keys

Proper sanitation and social distancing protocols will be adhered to when presenting guestroom keys.

  • Mobile keys will be issued at all properties where this technology is available.
  • For guests preferring a physical key card, or where mobile key technology is not available, all key cards will be sanitized prior to being placed in a new, unused key packet or envelope. Masks and gloves will be worn during this process and when handing the packets to our guests.

Guest Sanitation Amenities

  • Each guest will receive a letter informing them of the suggested guidelines of Staying safe, staying healthy while traveling
  • Masks will be available for guests at the Front Desk

D. General Cleaning Products and Protocols

Valencia Group Hotels use hospital-grade disinfectants and chemicals which meet EPA guidelines and are approved for use and effective against viruses, bacteria, and other airborne and bloodborne pathogens. Additionally, we are working with distribution partners and suppliers to ensure an uninterrupted supply of these cleaning supplies and the necessary PPE.
As a new standard, all hotels in the collection will be implementing the electrostatic disinfectant sprayer to sanitize guest rooms and public spaces.

Public Spaces and Communal Areas. The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased in all public spaces with an emphasis on frequent contact surfaces including, but not limited to, front desk, elevator landing and elevator buttons, door handles, public restrooms, guestroom keys, locks, ATM, stair handrails, dining surfaces and seating areas.

Guest Rooms. Industry-leading cleaning and sanitizing protocols are used to clean guestrooms, with an emphasis on high-touch items including television remote controls, toilet seats and handles, door and furniture handles, water faucet handles, nightstands, telephone, in-room control panels, light switches, temperature control panels, luggage racks, and flooring.

Back of the House. The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased in high traffic back of house areas with an emphasis on the associate dining rooms, associate entrances, associate restrooms, loading docks, offices, and kitchens.

Shared Equipment. Shared tools and equipment will be sanitized before, during, and after each shift or anytime the equipment is transferred to an associate. This includes phones, radios, computers, and other communication devices, payment terminals, kitchen implements, engineering tools, safety buttons, cleaning equipment, keys, time clocks, and all other direct contact items used throughout the hotel.

Department/Area Best Practice

Guest Services

 Areas to be sanitized each hour:

  • Business center areas including printers and workstations
  • Bell carts
  • Workspaces
  • Coffee tables
  • Credenzas
  • Staircase handrails
  • Associate dining tables and counters
  • Hotel entry doors
  • Handrails
  • Exterior elevators and escalator handrails
  • Elevator buttons
  • Exterior benches
  • ATM
  • Trash bins
  • Restroom
  • Front Desk

Cleaning Standards

  • Sanitize all guest touchpoints after each transaction including credit card devices, pens, and registration countertops
  • Room keys to be sanitized before stocking o Offices, call centers, registration desks are to be deep cleaned and sanitized upon a shift change

Maintaining our Distance

  • Restructure stanchions to provide appropriate six-foot intervals
  • Staff every other workstation (e.g. if 3 stations then middle station will be vacant)
  • Plexiglass barrier to be placed at registration desk to mitigate exposure between our team members and guests during the registration process
  • Mobile check-in to be implemented at select properties.

Housekeeping & Engineering

Cleaning Standards

  • Valencia Hotel Group will respect the guest privacy and will not service guest rooms during the duration of the guest stay.
  • Should a guest need service, VHG will schedule a time for the guests to depart the room so our team can clean
  • Should a guest need linens/towels, these will be delivered to the guestroom upon request in protective wrapping and left outside the door. The guest will be notified to retrieve the items.
  • Departed rooms will be out of order until the electrostatic sprayers have been used in the guestroom. Once sprayers are implemented, the room can be returned to inventory the same day.
  • Immediately after a guest departure, a designated manager will enter the room with a certified face mask to remove trash, check mini bar, and remove food.

Room Recovery Protocol

In the event of a presumptive case of COVID-19, the guest’s room will be removed from service and quarantined. Local authorities will be notified, and the hotel will work with them closely for information they may need. The guestroom will not be returned to service until case has been confirmed or cleared. In the event of a positive case, the room will only be returned to service after undergoing an enhanced sanitization protocol by a licensed third-party expert. Records will be retained according to industry standards.

Food & Beverage

Cleaning Standards

  • Storage containers to be sanitized before and after each use
  • Food preparation stations to be sanitized at least once per hour
  • Kitchens to be sanitized at least once per day o Service stations, service carts, beverage stations, counters, handrails, and trays to be sanitized at least once per hour and logged by a manager
  • POS terminals to be assigned to a single server where possible and sanitized between each user and before and after each shift. If multiple servers are assigned to a POS terminal, servers will sanitize their hands after each use
  • Dining tables, bar tops, stools, and chairs to be sanitized after each use
  • Placemats where applicable will be disinfected o Condiments to be served in single-use containers (either disposable or washed after each use)
  • Check presenters, votives, pens and all other reusable guest contact items to be either sanitized after each use or single use o Menus to be single-use and/or disposable
  • Host Podiums including all associated equipment to be sanitized at least once per hour

Maintaining our Distance

  • Food and beverage items being prepared to be transferred to other associates using contactless methods (leaving on expediting tables) and service of plates to be delivered to tables with using linen /napkins
  • Hostesses and managers to manage physical distancing at entries, waiting areas and
  • Peak period queuing procedures to be implemented when guests are not able to be immediately seated
  • Tables and booths to be utilized with appropriate physical distancing between each family or traveling party (six feet or as otherwise advised by current government guidelines)

Guest Experience

  • All self-serve condiments and utensils to be removed and replaced with individual packets
  • All straws to be wrapped
  • Napkin service to be suspended until further notice (no placing in a guest’s lap or refolding)
  • Tableside cooking to be suspended until further notice
  • All food and beverage items to be served to the guest with a linen napkin, not touching the plated meal
  • Continental Breakfast buffet options have been suspended, hotels will individually bag the scones (pastries) and keep at the front desk so guests can ‘grab and go’ in a safe manner

Room Service

Cleaning Standards

  •  All equipment will be sanitized before the next shift
  • Associates assigned to individual stations (including Sales Agents) will sanitize their stations and all equipment at least once per hour and at each change of shift Dining Room Attendants will sanitize all doors, handles, and high contact surfaces at least once per hour

Maintaining our Distance

  • Valencia brands will offer to enter the room, request entrance into the room set up, advise guest of 6 feet away social distancing and setup room service delivery for them
  • Court brands including The George Hotel will continue their ‘knock and drop’ model
  • Request that guests notify room service when they are finished with their meal and place the table in the hallway outside for pick up

Guest Experience

  • Printed room service menus to be removed from the room o Refrigerated mini-bar items to be kept and dry good baskets to be kept due to no servicing rooms for 18 hours in between guest

Catering & Banquets

Cleaning Standards

  • All shared equipment and meeting amenities to be sanitized before and after each use, or be single use if not able to be sanitized o All linen, including underlays, to be replaced after each use

Maintaining our Distance

  • Buffet options have been suspended at this time o All buffets will require a VHG server o All self-serve style events to be suspended until further notice.
  • All food and beverage items to be individually plated and served
  • Flatware to be provided as a roll-up
  • Condiments to be served in individual singly use packets or sanitized individual containers
  • Seating capacities and floor plans to be reviewed on an event by event basis to ensure appropriate physical distancing in accordance with current government guidelines.

Guest Experience

  • Individual bottled water will be provided instead of water carafes on meeting tables and water stations
  • Floor plans are provided based on Social Distancing
  • Modified menus to showcase styles of service and items currently available
  • Banquet captain to introduce him/herself to the group and outline new standards re: COVID19
  • Coffee station in banquet rooms can be available with sanitizer next to the coffee station with card instructions for cleanliness

Hotel Sales & Convention Services

Cleaning Standards

  • Sanitize conference room doors, tables, chairs light switch and other equipment after each group use
  • Meeting Concierge and Specialty Desk will sanitize their respective work areas, counters, doors, and equipment at least once every four hours and upon a shift change

Maintaining our Distance

  • Seating capacities and floor plans to be reviewed on an event by event basis to ensure appropriate physical distancing
  • Site inspections and meetings will be done virtually and/or appropriately physically distanced as mandated by current government guidelines.

Guest Experience

  • Provide example of physically distanced floor plans to the meeting planner (in coordination with Catering & Banquets) o Social Distancing guidelines posted

Fitness Center

  • Current mandated guidelines are in place of 25% with the recommended Social Distancing guidelines 
  • Sanitizing stations in gyms
  • Water stations: disposable cups

Pool Operations

  • Current mandated guidelines are in place of 75% with the recommended Social Distancing guidelines
  • Terry cloth chaise lounge cushion covers to be replaced for each guest
  • Cabana guest contact surfaces to be sanitized after each use
  • Cabanas to be sanitized each night
  • Towel desk, entry kiosks and all other desks and counters to be sanitized at least once per hour
  • Chaise lounge chairs set with appropriate physical distancing

Questions can be directed to:

Please direct your questions about cleanliness and facilities directly to the Front Desk at the hotel to ensure your requests are handled properly. The Front Desk is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk: Front Desk or 210.227.9700

Hotel Valencia Santana Row: Front Desk or 408.551.0010

Lone Star Court: Front Desk or 512.814.2625

Cavalry Court: Front Desk or 979.485.5586

The George  Front Desk or 979.485.5638

Texican Court: Front Desk or 469.577.4599

Cotton Court: Front Desk or 806.758.5800