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Valencia Hotel Group Signature Olive Oils

Valencia Hotel Group is bringing its namesake Mediterranean inspiration into the kitchens and onto the tables of its chefs and guests. Our line of private label, ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils represent each of our three brands and diners can anticipate the unique flavor profiles being incorporated into select dishes. 

The Valencia brand, named for an area of Spain known for its sweet orange trees, will showcase Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  As a fused oil or agrumato, the ripe olives and whole fruit are crushed simultaneously at the mill, allowing for the essential oil from the citrus to mingle with the oil from the olives. 

The Sorella brand is the precocious sibling to Valencia. Sorella, which translates to sister in Italian, has been paired with a Cilantro Onion Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  As a fused oil, the flavorings are added after the olives are crushed. 

Lone Star Court features a Chipotle Spice Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a fused oil that references the eclectic independence of the Authentic Americana concept.

Executive Chef

Anthony Mesa

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk

San Antonio, TX

Executive Chef

Jose Hernandez

Radio Milano

Hotel Sorella Citycentre
Houston, TX